Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No day like today

It looks like today is the day that the NHL will announce that hockey is being move out of Atlanta and relocated to Winnipeg. I believe most of us thought that we would be seeing the original Jets team (the Phoenix Coyotes) come back to it's home instead of the Thrashers being taken. The city of Atlanta has gone through the loss of an NHL team once before when the Atlanta Flames were moved to Calgary in 1980 less than a decade after it's founding in 1972. It took 19 years for Atlanta to get their franchise back and just a mere 12 years later, it's being taken away again.

Condolences to the true Atlanta Thrashers fans who supported their team when no one else did.

Today is also apparently the day that Manitobans and Peggers alike have been looking forward to since 1996 when their franchise was taken from them. Granted, no one saw this playing out as it has but it seems that the people of Winnipeg will be watching NHL hockey front and center sooner rather than later. I have heard from Manitobans since the team left that they wanted their team back. Now this team that is being moved there, It's not their team but it's a team. Here's hoping the city of Winnipeg embraces this new hockey club, whatever team name that they choose to call themselves, and the fans that ultimately will come with them when they move. Cherish this team and come out to support them in full force to prove to the rest of the NHL that a mistake was not made in this move.

Congratulations Winnipeg you have gotten what you wished for.

As a Detroit Red Wings fan, I cannot imagine the pain or longing that both of these cities and their hockey fans have gone through and are continuing to go through. Seeing that the city of Atlanta has gone through this process twice, I would hope that the fans in Winnipeg are sensitive and understanding towards the Thrasher fans. I also hope that the Thrasher fans do not act hostile towards the fans of Winnipeg. Both cities have dealt with the loss of a team in the past and should relate on some level on how the other is feeling. This next season is going to be a season of adjustment and change. Here's hoping it will all work out for the best.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh no! I've gone cross-eyed!

I've come up with a wonky point system for choosing which team that should be rooted for in the Stanley Cup finals.

Vancouver is awarded one point for being a Canadian team and Boston is awarded two points for being an Original Six team.

Vancouver gets one point for having a Swedish Captain while Boston gets zero for lack of Swedish Captain.

Vancouver collects one point for having had current Red Wing Todd Bertuzzi on their roster in years past and Boston collects one point as well for Brad Stuart.

Vancouver collects one point for having former Red Wing Mikael Samuelsson on the roster while Boston gets zip for number of former Red Wings.

The Red Wings are filled with Swedes so the number of Swedes on a roster matters. Vancouver collects five points for their Swede collection while Boston fails to collect a point or Swede.

The Red Wings lost a great American player on their roster so in honor of Rafalski the number of Americans is a factor. Vancouver obtains six points and Boston gets on the board with four.

Seeing that most of us are from Michigan, our fellow Michiganders count too. Boston is awarded four points (two for each Michigander) and Vancouver collects two points for Livonia native Ryan Kesler.

Two extra credit points are awarded to both teams for having former Detroit Vipers players Sami Salo and Tim Thomas on their rosters.

Vancouver is docked three points for Robert Luongo.

Boston is docked three points because Chara scares me.

Vancouver is docked two points for having someone on their roster who's name is too close to Janik.

Boston is docked two points for having an in with the officials... er... I mean... Gregory Campbell on the roster.

Illogical as it may be, Once it all shakes out, It looks like we should be rooting for the Vancouver Canucks to win the 2011 Stanley Cup.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No, No, they can't take that away from you

A great American.
A great Michigander.
A great player.
A great man.

Brian Rafalski gave everything he had to the Wings and today announced his retirement. Unlike other players who would have stuck around to collect a paycheck, Brian opted to pursue life away from hockey and walked away from a six million dollar purse. It just goes to show that some players aren't all about the money.

There is so much that I could say about Brian. Instead of rambling on about statistics and silver medals, I'd just like to say:

Thank You Brian Rafalski for everything you did for the Detroit Red Wings, Hockey in Michigan, and USA Hockey.

They say that life begins at retirement. So Brian, Here's to your new life.

Congratulations on your retirement!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Gone before his time

Highly regarded as the best up-and-coming American born goalie, Ian Jenkins was supposed to be doing off-season work outs. He was supposed enjoying his summer before heading to the London Knights next season. Instead, Ian was involved in a tragic accident. Ian was described as a great kid, very caring, motivated, and very passionate about the game of hockey. It is tough to see anyone fall victim to a situation like this and even more tough when you consider that Ian is just 15 years old.

This morning, University of Michigan hospital confirmed that Ian passed away at 7:54AM after fighting all weekend long. It is the most heart-wrenching thing anytime a parent loses a child. I cannot imagine what Ian's parents are going through right now.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Jenkins Family, All of Ian’s friends, Classmates, Teammates, Coaches, and anyone who is affected by this tragedy.

Ian Jenkins
Rest In Peace

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spin Thed Spin!

Sarah, SP, Spin, Spin Thed, wondrous being of light and splendor....j/k ;)

Favorite team?
Oh, there are other teams besides my Red Wings? Weird....

Who is the most underrated player?
Hate me for it or whatever, but the Tuzz has been better for us than anticipated. I dislike all the Tuzzi hate.

Who is the most overrated player?
On our team or from all teams? In the league, I think it's Cindy.

What is your favorite jersey (regardless of if you own it or not)?
Stevie Y.

What is the most important piece of hockey memorabilia you own?
The puck that Steve Yzerman skated the length of the ice to give me. Worth more than gold.

What’s one rule you’d like to get rid of and why?
I don't pretend to believe that I know what's best for the league.

What one rule would you add in it’s place and why?
See the last question.

Who’s creepier- Ovie or Crosby and why?
Have you seen those commercials with Ovie? Yeah, that's what I thought. However, even though Ovie's creepier, Crosby is infinitely more annoying.

Which team has the best logo?
I think I'm a tad biased here.

Who is your favorite all-time player?
Stevie Y.

Who is your favorite player now?

What team do you love to hate?

What player do you love to hate?
Joe doesn't-deserve-to-wear-19 Thornton

What do you think about puck bunnies?
Can of worms: opened. I think they exist, clearly, but I think too many people assume they spot a Puck Bunny based on clothing alone. I disagree. I think the essence of the Puck Bunny has more to do with her intentions than what she's wearing. Then again, at 12, I was convinced I was going to eventually become Mrs. Kozlov. So maybe every young hockey fan has moments of delusion.

What player do you like that’s not on your chosen favorite team?
Steven Stamkos

What team surprises you the most this year?
TBL - however, I shouldn't be surprised based on who's at the helm.

What is your favorite hockey memory?
Too many to name. Probably when I saw Stevie lift the Stanley Cup for the first time. Tears!!

Which team has the worst jersey (third jerseys included)?
So many ugly options....but I've always hated the Sharks' jersey. Teal doesn't look good on anyone.

Of the floundering teams which team should pack up and move to a new market?
I hate the thought of moving teams because I can't imagine losing my team, so I will remain neutral on this.

Do you think the NHL will ever let that happen?
See last question.

Do you follow other sports besides hockey or are you a one-sport fan?
Compared to hockey, I find most sports to be extremely boring - so I don't 'follow them.' But I do enjoy going to all live sporting events.

What player from all the other teams that would you love to have on your team?

Do you believe that a fan can cheer for more than one team and still call themselves the biggest (insert team name here) fan?
Eh, it depends. I believe people can root for more than one team, but when it comes down to it, I think they should choose where their alliances lie. But I'm not the fan police, so I don't really care who you're rooting for...the Wings have my heart forever.

Keep it or Get rid it
Ticket Stubs: keep - I'm the biggest packrat known to man so this is a no-brainer.

Kesler Dancing: keep - Whatever would I do to celebrate if we got rid of it? The Kaner shuffle? I think not.

Swedish Style Tailoring: keep

Stephan Walkom: Honestly, I didn't know who he was so I had to look him up. I think our refs need a huge overhauling.

Sergei Fedorov: keep - The Russian Five stole my heart when I was 12. He was one of them.

TimBits at the Joe: keep - om nom nom.

Shoot out: Ughhh...get rid of. I hate that games are determined by this.

Colin Campbell: get rid of.

Tickets to an Atlanta game: keep - Atlanta deserves a team just as much as anyone...and I happen to know a pretty cool fan who adores them. ;)

Gap in a Flippy's teeth: keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Shed a tear for the Eldest Flippy, who is leaving us. Boo.

Puck Bunnies: keep - I like to be entertained

Wooden Sticks: keep - all about preferences.

Crazy Nicknames for players: keep - I love me some Hobo.

A signed Bertuzzi picture just for you: keep - I've been a Bert fan since he got here...

Biz Nasty on Twitter: keep - my favorite lovable jackass.

Friday, May 13, 2011

No, No, Thank YOU

The Red Wings came out with their "Thank You Fans" video today and I believe that they shouldn't be thanking us, we should be thanking them. So consider this one giant funny/sentimental thank you note starting with the front office and moving down to the goalies.

Thank you to the Ilitch Family for owning and maintaining the greatest franchise in professional sports.

Thank you Ken Holland for being the best general manager in the league.

Thank you to Jim Nill and the scouting staff. You guys bring the best of the best to our team year after year.

Thank you to former players Jiri Fischer, Kirk Maltby, and Chris Chelios for sticking with the organization after your careers were concluded.

Thank you to Mike Babcock. The man who ultimately knows what is best for the team even when we think he might be wrong.

Thank you to the coaching staff. You get the most out of these players night in and night out and we really appreciate it.

Thanks to the team doctors and trainers who keep (or at least try to) the guys healthy all year.

Thank you to the equipment guys who keep the boys armed with sticks long after they've broken.

Justin Abdelkader-
Thank you for being the grit and youth that this team needed. Also, thank you for holding your head up high and trying your hardest despite growing pains. Sparty on.

Todd Bertuzzi-
Thank you for proving every critique wrong. No matter what anyone says you've paid your dues and you belong in this league and on this team.

Dan Cleary-
Thank you for allowing us all to do the Newfie Stomp along with you all season. Watch out for Huds next time. Apparently, he's dangerous. Who knew?

Pavel Datsyuk-
Thank you for not being up for the Lady Byng this year. Your fight with Corey Perry was perfection. Thank you for out playing every player in this league regardless of if the mass media recognizes it or not. Thanks for sharing your amazing sense of humor. You truly are special.

Kris Draper-
Thank you for being the guy to push your teammates harder on and off the ice. Thank you for challenging everyone to be better and being light in the dark. Thanks for being a gym rat.

Patrick Eaves-
Ohhhh, Hobo. Thank you for interacting with the fans as much as you did this year. You give back so much of your time to the fans. It's really honorable. Thank you for letting us see your ridiculous huge "I just scored a goal" smile. Thanks for sharing your love of animals and ping pong this season.

Valtteri Filppula-
Thank you for showing up when we needed you. And I'm sure the Grand Rapids Griffins are thankful you allowed your older brother to tag along with you to Detroit this year.

Johan Franzen-
Thank you for sacrificing yourself for this team. Thank you for Mule-tricks and explicit language after goals. Thank you for coming back and battling hard even after someone jacked up you face.

Darren Helm-
Aw, Our little Helmer is all grown up. Thank you for all your speed and for finding your finish. Thank you for dealing with the crazies that stalk you because "you're so dreamy". Thank you for interacting with the fans nearly as much as Patrick Eaves. Thank you for walking on your hands, dressing up as Todd Bertuzzi, and doing the worm.

Tomas Holmstrom-
Thank you for enduring the punishment that you do in front and around the net for this team. And thanks for not sharing your candy with Mule.

Jiri Hudler-
Thanks for finally getting a hang of the NHL ice again. Thanks for starling people (i.e. me) when they're not paying attention to you during warm ups. And by thanks I mean KNOCK IT OFF.

Drew Miller-
3,2,1 MILLER TIME. Thank you for doing your part to make this team a success. Thank you for dealing with a rotation that must have been maddening. Thank you for not using "Just for Men Gel".

Mike Modano-
Mikey Mo! Thanks for battling back from the injury that took most of this season away from you. Thank you for coming home.

Henrik Zetterberg-
Thank you for coming back strong after injuries and producing the way you did all year. ALSO-Thank you for getting married and making your teammates wear adult onesies. We all really appreciated that.

Jonathan Ericsson-
Thank you for dealing with obscene nicknames and people ripping on you all year.

Jakub Kindl-
Thank you for stepping up when we needed you. Thank you for taking harassment at training camp. Next time, go inside if you're cold.

Niklas Kronwall-
Thank you for growing into an amazing defenseman. Thank you also for delivering bone crushing hits that change games. Thank you for introducing Swedish style tailoring into the locker room and wearing those awesome glasses.

Nicklas Lidstrom-
Thank you for being the best defenseman that I have ever seen play. Thank you for being as great this year as you ever were. Thank you for coming back this year and if it's not too much to ask... Can you come back next year too?

Brian Rafalski-
Thank you for being a rock on the blue line and bringing experience to the locker room.

Ruslan Salei-
Thank you for giving us hours of entertainment with your goofy interviews. "Tom Brady"

Brad Stuart-
Thank you for being a physical presence when it was needed. Thank you for battling hard to come back after than devastating broken jaw.

Cory Emmerton-
Thank you for stepping up in the game you played this year. ALSO, Thanks for whatever you do to those eyebrows of yours.

Jan Mursak-
Thank you for taking time away from the Griffs to help out the big club.


Thomas McCollum-
Thank you for coming up and dealing with an impossible situation. Sorry you got booed.

Joey MacDonald-
Ohhhh Mac. Thank you signing with the team on a whim and being a strong capable back up when called upon.

Chris Osgood-
Ozzie. Thank you for being awesome. Thank you for dealing with the media that were sometimes too hard towards you. Thank you for 400. Thank you for drinking Pepsi on the ice. Thank you for being the best mentor that Jimmy Howard could ask for. Thank you and I hope to see you in September.

Jimmy Howard-
Fellow Lefty. Scrappy goalie. Awesome guy. Thank you for proving everyone wrong. Thank you for giving your team every chance to win. Thank you for uttering the battle cry "Why Not Us?". Thank you for dealing with the Nabokov situation with poise and grace.

So what I'm saying is...


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Let's DO this

Game Seven
The stuff that hockey fans love to see.
The most exciting game that there is.
The most nerve wracking game if your team is in it.

The Wings have treated every game from Game Four on as a Game Seven.
"Take it one game at a time. One win at a time."
That's the mentality that the Wings need to still come with. Just one win. One game. Everyone from players to fans are filled with nervous excitement about this game. Everyone will be watching this game looking to see if the Detroit Red Wings can pull it out again.

Tonight is the night.

Let's Go Red Wings!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

FYI- They can hear you

"The crowd really willed us to a victory in Game 4, We're hoping they can have that same type of impact in Game 6."
-Justin Abdelkader

Believe it or not, the support of the fans
does mean something to the players. Why? Because THEY CAN HEAR YOU. Boo them? They hear that. Cheer them? They hear that too. So with game six looming tomorrow I implore everyone that will be at the Joe tomorrow to cheer the guys. No booing. Support the team. Give them that extra push. Stay loud the entire time. Never stop being loud even if the Sharks try to take you out of it.

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's only fear that makes you run

continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition

The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose

able to be


Tonight is one game. One game to stave off elimination and show everyone who Detroit is. Now is when the Wings have to pressure on in the face of adversity. Show the world that they can fight harder, dig down deeper, and deliver when their season is on the line. Losing is not an option tonight. Now is the time to show this league that the Wings will not go out without a fight. Now is the time to show the world just who the Detroit Red Wings are and what they are capable of doing. Now is the time to rally and stand behind our boys. Now is the time to cheer and support them like never before.

Now is the time.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It always seems impossible until it's done.

Three games does not win a series. Three is not the magic number. I fully understand that we're all different types of people who look at this game that is hockey differently. Some people are calling for the Wings to surrender now that their backs are against a wall. That's not what I want. That's not how my team reacts. My team... they fight. Those people can throw in the towel and take the cowards way out but I'm not giving in. And I get the distinct feeling that those men in the dressing room aren't ready to either. Am I happy that we lost? No. Am I pleased about the steep hill we now have to climb? No. Do I have faith in my team and organization? Absolutely. It's not an impossible task. As Jimmy Howard said after the game "Others have done it, Why not us?". They deserved that win last night and did not get it. But that's not to say that they can't get the next one. One game at a time. One win at a time. It can be done regardless of what the pessimistic cynics believe. It's not the time to turn your backs on the team. But if you choose to do, keep walking because obviously you don't belong here. Hockey is not for quitters or the weak of heart.

Contrary to what some believe:
It's not over.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Way to take the class out of hockey, San Jose.

To act as if the Sharks are unintentionally snowing Jimmy Howard, diving, or embellishing situations would be completely naive. It seems to happen nearly every time we play the San Jose Sharks. Following questions and prodding by the media regarding the snowing of Jimmy Howard, San Jose Sharks Head Coach Todd McLellan had this to say-
I have no time for gimmicks and that type of crap. If our players are doing that [intentionally], they’re going to hear from me first
Yesterday was not the first game in which Jimmy was snowed by Sharks players. In fact, this is not the first year in which this has continuously happened. That leads me to believe one of two things. Either Todd McLellan has absolutely no control over his players or that he is lying. If the Red Wings started behaving as the Sharks are there would be serious consequences. Not only from inside our own organization but from the league. I'm sure you've heard the old riddle "If a goalie falls and there's no one around him... send Tomas Holmstrom to the box". In addition to the pathetic display of the snowing, there has been a rash of diving and embellishing (selling if you will) calls. Diving takes the integrity out of the sport. In my mind, diving is much akin to cheating. "Oh someone is within two feet of me. ANNNNNND fall" It is beyond disgraceful. If the players on this team cannot play the game without resorting to such low class actions, than perhaps they should quit hockey and make the six hour or so drive to Hollywood to work on their acting careers. After practically every call on the Red Wings you hear "He really sold that one to the referees". In the game of hockey, you shouldn't have to sell anything. You either got interfered with or you didn't. You either got tripped or you didn't. The referees should be competent enough to be able to call the games fair or as close to fair as they are possible of doing without these low class moves being performed. With diving and embellishing in this series, there is no way to judge legit calls from successful acting calls. Maintaining the dignity of this sport seems to mean nothing to a franchise that is younger than the average age of the hockey fans that I know. Many Sharks fans have claimed that this is just their team stirring up a rivalry. The Sharks, as a team, don't have to behave objectionably for us to dislike them. It comes naturally in the battles of a war that one does not enjoy the sight of their competition.

And to address the Sharks fans themselves--

Sorry to shatter your hopes and dreams, but there is only one Hockeytown and it is NOT in California.