Monday, February 28, 2011

Fisticuffs make Mondays better

In honor of National Hate Sidney Crosby Day, I give you....


Pav vs. That damn dirty Corey Perry

Brad "Amen, Hallelujah" Stuart vs. Ryan Whitney

Steve "I'm a loser, Baby" Ott getting worked over by Johnny E

Also... Ya know who was a good fighter? Darren McCarty
You should maybe
follow him. Just saying.

Gotta throw DMac some love here at HB

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wait... Is that Doug Janik?!?

The epic fight night at the Joe.

Jiri Fischer demolishes Scott Hartnell


Justin Abdelkader fighting... DOUG JANIK?!?!

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's a lovely day for some fights, eh?

We're baaaaaack!

After a couple weeks off, Hockey Blogette is back on this the most vomitous day of the year. So with that being said, What better way to start of Valentine's Day than with a fight.

Approximately 8... THOUSAND fights? I couldn't pass up using the brawl night from the Islanders versus Penguins game as the first fight of the week.

New features like Fight Time will be popping up here and there so you can look forward to seeing:

Fight Time on Mondays
Then and Now on Tuesdays
Player Profile on Wednesdays
You Might Be Crazy If... on Thursdays
Funny Photo day on Fridays
Jackhole of the Week on Saturdays