Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Decorating for the Holidays: Red Wings Style

Wife/Husband/Girlfriend/Boyfriend complaining that your plaque of Olympia Stadium isn't festive enough and that your Red Wing memorabilia doesn't have the Christmas touch?


Wait a second... There is an alternate solution.

Just as always, the Red Wings have you covered with holiday gear to show off your team and holiday spirit.

Look! It's hockey playing Santa... and a creepy little Red Wing logo with limbs.... Okay, this one might not have been the holiday design teams' best idea but it's better than pine cones on your table.

Some snow people in a hat. Or is that a bag? Whichever it is, it's probably a good idea for those with children being that it's plush.

Declare your fandom to all that come to knock on your door this holiday season with this door wreath.

Who needs a stocking with some snowflakes and puffy paint when you could have this?

Red velvet hat with a white fur trim. YAWN. This is the Santa hat to rock. In fact, I'm pretty sure Santa rocks this hat.

Mint edible candy canes? PSSSSSSSH. Go with these plastic Red Wing candy cane ornaments. As an added bonus, the children cannot consume these and make your entire house into a sticky mess. Although, I'm pretty sure if children DID try to consume these... they'd end up in the hospital.

You could top your tree with a yellow star to represent the star of Bethleham ORRRRRR you could top your tree with something like this star.

Decorating with hockey equipment brings the locker room onto your Christmas tree

This Santa rocking Wings gear is much less creepy than the first one. Mainly because there is no creepy logo skating beside him. Seriously, what WAS that?

In an effort to make the Canadians feel more welcome in the United States, you could put a Maple Leaf on your tree as I do.

Why do they make Smores into people and dress them up as different characters? I have no clue. Did I buy the hockey player smore? Oh you know it.

Decapitated snowman head on a hockey puck. Does it ever make sense? No. Is it on my tree? Of course it is.

Just in case anyone wants to plan out plays, it's always good to have a rink board on your tree.

GIANT LOGO. That's pretty much reason enough.

It's a head. With a Red Wing hat. And a button that says "#1 Fan". Sure, why not.

Is this a snowman? The marshmellow man? Kyle Wellwood as a Red Wing? No clue but it's got a logo so it made the tree.

No Christmas tree is complete without Al the Octopus going all King Kong on it.

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  1. 1) Where have you been all my life?

    2) I LOVE the creepy Winged Wheel. I've always told folks that there are two wings on the wheel. Now, I have proof.

    3) Best X-MAS tree ever!