Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let's get neurotic in here!

If you are not the superstitious type, you should probably stop reading right about.... now.

I think it's time to lean towards our superstitious sides. It's time to really get neurotic and play up to that side of ourselves. Now if you don't personally have that side, right on. Good for you. Carry on and do whatever you do on game day that doesn't involve this stuff. I, however, am a VERY superstitious person. Just ask my mother. She was banned from watching Wings games for years when she was identified as a jinx. For the record, the jinx eventually went away but I still get nervous when she watches clutch games.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Tonight would be the night to bust out the juice, the mojo, or the lucky charms. Tonight would be the night to do the lucky rituals or things you do. If you didn't watch the first five games and have watched every game since, perhaps you should not watch tonight to see if you are the jinx. But naturally, DVR it and watch it later.

Now I wouldn't suggest that others do something if I wasn't willing to do it myself. I have some items that I exclusively save to wear during the playoffs or important games. I will be wearing those items tonight to see if they help. Call me or any of my neurotic friends fools all you want but the Hockey Gods are serious business. If they have it out for your team, you have to try to change the tide somehow. So this is my own personal effort to try and appease the Hockey God.

Good Luck to the Red Wings tonight.
And if all else fails, may they make their own luck

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