Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ramblings of perspective and what not

As much as I am disappointed with the loss tonight, I think many need perspective on this loss. After two goals were scored in the first period, fans began attacking everyone in the organization. Some of the blame was justified but some was overkill. The statements that the Wings cannot play "good teams" or are "incapable" of winning were almost laughable. Coming into this game we were 5-0-0. Obviously, we can win but tonight just wasn't our night.

This game was ugly. I will not deny or dispute anyone about that fact but it is just the sixth game of the season. Realistically, the Wings were not going to go 82-0-0. Did I expect we would get stomped like we did tonight? No. I don't believe anyone could have seen that coming. They need to use this game as an example of what not to do. Use this game as a building point to get stronger. It is, after all, just the sixth game of the season. Last season, we lost two of the first six. Granted, none were like the beating received tonight but those two losses didn't define our season. Just like this loss will not define our season. We are still 5-1-0.

5-1-0 is not a terrible start by any means. In the last five seasons, the Wings have had worse records in the starting six games.
2010-2011 4-1-1
2009-2010 3-3-0
2008-2009 4-1-1
2007-2008 4-1-1
2006-2007 3-2-1

Was the team going to go undefeated forever? No. That's just unrealistic in today's NHL. Should everyone jump ship and become fans of other teams now? Do what you want but I know this team better than that. They will put in the time and do their best to improve, fix the mistakes, and get better. The team is in transition still and many fail to realize that. There will be speed bumps and hiccups along the way of this season. The point is that this is a long season. There are still 76 games to play and throwing in the towel after one will not solve anything. Have faith in the team that they will do what needs to be done to fix any issues that there are. Improvements will be made, Changes will happen, and Lessons will be learned.

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