Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm baaaaack

A few of the sights from training camp

I'm not going to spit a million stats or a bunch of player information because you've no doubt read that 300 times from 300 different blogs saying the same thing. Here are a few of my thoughts during training camp:

Prospect with sick mitts:
Tomas Jurco
It was a treat to be able to watch the kid mess around and do some trick shots on the last day of camp after the last practice. I would love to see Jurco and Datsyuk go trick for trick.

Show offs:

Tomas Tatar
On the first day of camp, Tatar managed to get a shot off on net... with his head.

Todd Bertuzzi
During a lull in practice, Todd started doing some puck juggling. At one point, he flipped the puck in the hair, caught it on his head, then bounced it to his stick.

Most interactive:

Nicklas Lidstrom and Tomas Holmstrom
There was one child who loves to walk up to the glass and say "Hello" to the players. Most players ignore the children and distractions. In opposite fashion, Nick and Homer made a point to say hello, wave, and toss the kid a puck.

Favorite lines:

Bertuzzi, Abdelkader, Helm
For those who were able to watch the Red and White game, it was very apparent that this line has the ability to be very productive. While watching them in practice, it's very noticeable that these three feed off each other.

Cleary, Datsyuk, Eaves
This line has some sick potential. Usually I don't like to see the Euro twins split up, but this line is a refreshing exception to that. Eaves and Cleary seem to be able to clear space for Pav to do some magic. I'll be looking forward to seeing what this line can do when in a game environment.

Take a chill-pill:

Mike Commodore
I was happy to see that Commie rolled into camp prepared to fight for a job. My only critique would be that he needed to loosen up a bit. He seemed very tense most of the time. Now I wasn't a person would followed Commodore throughout his entire careers so that might just be his face or how he conducts himself in training camp. It just seemed like perhaps he was a little bit too in his own head.

Most patience:

Brendan Smith
Brendan's patience for waiting to become a Red Wing has been reported on all week. I admire his patience for dealing with morons more. Every day of camp there was an annoying woman who would yell "Brendan" approximately 100 times during any given practice he was in. For the record, I'm not exaggerating on the amount of times this broad shouted his name. I was impressed that he never told her to shut up.


  1. Good pics, glad to see the Mules face is back together. Don't forget Commodore was in the minors last year, and the wings have 7 dmen that can play. Glad to see your back, only blog on my smart phone with icon.