Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't call me woman like it's an insult

It's fairly easy to get me fighting mad. I'm not even going to lie about that fact. But nothing pisses me off more than some man deciding he has to educate me on the sport of hockey because I'm a woman and I don't know any better. When did being a woman in the hockey world become some sort of handicap? I go to games, I go to training camp, I watch the highlights, I follow the players, I read the stats, I watch the delightful suspension videos. I know the game without some patronizing asshole "teaching" me about it. I don't need guidance as to who is on the Red Wings' roster because I've got that down. I don't need memory refreshers as to what happened last year with the Wings because I was there. I watched from training camp to the very last game.

I'm never really a fan of the battle of the sexes in the hockey world because I believe that everyone has a place. That being said, I am sick and tired of women being made to look like they are stupid individuals who know nothing about the sport and who only attend games to get their MRS. When I attend games, I watch the hockey and perhaps I talk to friends but I don't need someone there to entertain me during the game. Why? Because I'll be too busy WATCHING IT. I'll give a little steam to their argument because some women are there for the wrong reasons. But they choose to ignore the masses that are there for the right ones.

So many men like to lump all women into this category of fragile, no nothing girls and that's not the case. If you've ever spent any time with female hockey players you would know that's not the case. And yet, many look at females in the hockey world as some sort of inferior species and often use the line "What do you know? You're a WOMAN". Being a person in the hockey world that happens to be a woman isn't some sort of curse or handicap. I can assure you that my lady parts do not interfere with watching, talking about, or even playing the game.

So men, the next time you feel the need to educate a woman on the sport, make sure she actually doesn't know.


  1. I think you mean "my lady parts do NOT interfere" but yeah, I agree 100%. My (female) friend and I went to the Red & White game last night and we spent most of the game cringing at the 2 guys behind us talking about various players. (Ex: "why's Datsyuk wearing 24? and not his usual 17?" "It's 13, and I don't know, maybe he's letting someone else wear it.") Anyways, the two of us women knew much more about the Wings than most of the men surrounding us, even though we have these darn lady parts.

  2. Yes, I most certainly meant do not. Missed that in the editing process but nice catch. I had a similar experience at the Wings game the other day only it was a man who ran up to me to let me know that Datsyuk was wearing 24 for Salei so I wouldn't be lost.

  3. Jesus, have you tried smoking weed or anything that might chill you out? So much anger, about nothing really. So someone thinks your dim... Might not be because your a woman but maybe your constant scowl gives you a look of confusion... Stop being so angry and go back to just writing about hockey, you tend to care about other people's preception of yourself too much... At least this event didn't encite a jack hole diatribe.