Saturday, July 23, 2011

The punishment should fit the crime

St. Louis Blues

T.J. Oshie

Everyone knows that coaches hate when players miss practices. But in the NHL, players opt out sometimes. Sometimes they miss morning skates, practices, and scheduled events. Oshie missed a practice on March 28th and it was "unexcused" so they punished Oshie by sitting him two games. I understand they like to keep order and have everyone working out and practicing together but is missing one practice such a big deal that he needed to be sat for two games?

The "Do what we say or else you're a goner" attitude has always floored me about some organizations. How is running your organization like a dictatorship where the players are second class citizens right? You can't play the game without players. The players are the key element in hockey. I fully understand that missing a practice is a big deal. But the punishment? The punishment was as severe as if T.J. had hit someone with a blindside hit or been involved in a dirty altercation on the ice. I agree that they needed to do something to make their point to check in and let the staff know that you aren't going to be there. I disagree with making him sit two games. I think they should have fined him or something along those lines but done so in a discreet manor. Instead, they made him look like a 12 year old that got grounded, shared it with the media, and made Oshie into a punchline. Order and discipline is one thing, but demoralizing your players is another.

Quick hit:
TJ's family has a thing for the letter "T" much like the Dugger family has a thing for the letter "J".

TJ's parents are Tim and Tina. He has two siblings, Taylor and Tawni.

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