Monday, July 25, 2011

He doesn't drink... Or swear... Or rat his hair

Toronto Maple Leafs

James Reimer

With a butterfly style of play and a fundamental approach to goaltending, James Reimer seems to really have his stuff together for a young goalie. James held a 20 win, 10 loss, 5 overtime loss record this past season. It's not an undefeated record, but for a young goalie that's quite impressive. Of course, I usually find an connection to the Red Wings or Michigan and I indeed found one with Reimer. James an emergency call up due to the injury of Vesa Toskala. Who did James back up? A goalie that found himself in the same position a few seasons later. Of course I'm referring to Joey MacDonald who was our emergency call up this past season due to a goaltender injury

At just 23 years old, James is on route to becoming of the Maple Leaf fan favorites. Reimer is also a very faithful individual. As a Mennonite by faith, James attends church regularly.

As a testament of sorts to James' popularity with Leaf fans, I encourage you to watch Reimer. A Bloge Salming and Down Goes Brown production/parody to the tune of Rebecca Black's "Friday".

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