Friday, July 29, 2011

DANGER! Get on the floor!

Detroit Red Wings

Darren Helm

Honestly when I started the polls to figure out who would represent the Wings, I figured it would be Nick or Pav or Z. I was wrong. You voted for Helm so here goes nothing.

Darren Helm is often noticed as one of the fastest skaters in the league. Although Darren has yet to make it to an All-Star weekend to test his skills, he is highly regarded around the league for his skating skills. Helm works very hard in the off season doing football drills and off ice training to maintain that lower body power that allows him to lap the competition when skating.

Darren has cemented a spot on the Red Wings' penalty kill. Moves like the moves that Darren displayed in the 2009 Western Conference finals during a penalty kill helped establish him as a force when down a man. What starts as a run of the mill penalty kill, turned into a game of keep away for Darren Helm.

At a team Halloween party, Darren came dressed as... Todd Bertuzzi. While most people would be afraid to mimic or mock Todd Bertuzzi, Darren Helm took that challenge up with his elaborate costume. Darren even went to the trouble of getting all of Todd's tattoos drawn on him in sharpie by a local tattoo artist.

Unfortunately for Helmer, He wasn't born ugly. Well... to be honest... I've never seen pictures of baby Darren so I don't KNOW that he wasn't born ugly. I just know that he isn't ugly now. Oh what a price that poor kid has to pay. Being an ugly hockey player is like living the dream. People don't treat you like you're a long-haired Canadian pop star when you're ugly. If you're young and ugly, people focus purely on your talent on not your money maker. By money maker I mean his face, Dirty birds of the Internet. Helmer often brings out the worst in some female fan girls. From explicit confessions to what they would do to him to girls literally following him or demanding his attention. Helm does seem to be able to handle dealing with the crazies quite well. Ok, sometimes he does look terrified and like he wants to run far away from some of these broads but MOST of the time he looks okay.

Being just 24 years old, Helmer is the present and future of our organization along with Justin Abdelkader. Now many will criticize Darren for his lack of finishing skills when he's in on net. Those people should remember two facts: Due to much offensive strength Darren didn't need to be one of our top scorers and that the majority of his ice time seems to come on the penalty kill. Is there room for improvement? Of course there is. Does he need to be bashed and beaten down because he wasn't in the running for the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy? Absolutely not. Darren is young and is still finding his niche and role with our team. Be patient, it's not like he's creeping up on 30 and consistently screws up and doesn't do anything for our squad.

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