Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A few snaps from RWTCTC

Here are just a couple of favorite pictures that I took at Red Wings Training Camp in Traverse City:

"People let me tell ya' bout my BEST FRIEND"


Kenny Holland and Mike Babcock look down upon you.


Ozzie drinking PEPSI?!? On the ice?!? At Training Camp?!?

The ice :)

To take a look at all my pictures from RWTCTC check out my photobucket album

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A sight for sore eyes

There is ice at the Joe and there were Wings on it... TODAY!

Eaves and Zetterberg

Jimmy and Ozzy having a staring contest

Jimmy and his newly painted mask

Zetterberg "trying to check" Lidstrom (kinda looks like he's giving him a little huggle)

Former Wing Manny Legace

Ozzy just maxin' and relaxin' all cool (or menacingly staring at Jimmy)


The Perfect Human himself Nicklas Lidstrom


Wings (and some others) stretching

Did he just murder someone? Is that why he looks SOO happy? SMILE Bert!

Zeta, Draps, and Cleary plus Horcoff

Homer and Jimmy

Helmer trying out to be the next great action hero.

All photos credit to the Detroit News and John Greilick