Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Chew some aspirin and get over it"

Spending the better portion of my summer waiting on Mike Modano is NOT how I expected this summer to go. Over half way done and I still haven't had that "Yay, Team Set, WAHOO!" moment that usually comes somewhere in the beginning of July.

Now every single person on the planet can tell me that there is nothing to worry about and that getting an uneasy feeling about an unset lineup is foolish but I'm not drinking that kool-aid. I understand that Mike Modano is (or was) a great talent but I can't see the logic in chancing our future over a player who MIGHT want to play and MIGHT want to play with the Wings. Call it cynical, Call it bratty, call it whatever you please but I'm not a fan of any prima donna moments coming from any player. After playing for 21 years in the NHL, I'm fairly confidant that Mike Modano knows what he's capable of and he knows if he can play still. Making the Wings and it's fans wait is borderline disrespectful and I understand that many people disagree with that. I've been around hockey for the better portion of my life and I know that 99 times out of 100 when I player is done, he knows it. Mike Modano shouldn't have to talk himself into playing if he's still capable.

This whole month has been turned into ModanOHHHHHHH-NOOOOO July and I'm rather over it. So while Mike sips on mai tais enjoying his summer... er... mulling over this difficult decision, I'll be chewing some aspirin.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So Lebda is gone now...

My first thought wasn't "Wow, $2.9 million for Lebda?!?" or "Gee, I'm glad he got signed somewhere". My first thought was "What hashtags are we gonna use now?!?!?"

My brain apparently went straight to all the tags we include Brett's name to on twitter.

Once we knew Brett was going to Toronto the tag of MapleLebda appeared. LOLebda and LebdAreYouSerious were the emotions to describe the $2.9 million dollar contract.

As far as alcohol related things go you have your SoberLebdas and your DrunkLebdas (or LebDrunks if you will).

HappyLebda SadLebda MadLebda CheerfuLebda ShockedLebda AngryLebda WorriedLebda TiredLebda JeaLebda are all emotions that you experience in the Lebdaverse

Or you could take a scenic trip to the LebdaZoo to see the LebAnimals

BuffaLebda LebDove LebDog LebRAAGHDoodle LebFrog LebdaGorilla Lebdolphin LebCat LebFish LebdaTurtle LebdaStallion Lebdangaroo LebdaGoat SeahorseLebda GiraffeLebda LebdaHawk LebDingo LebDragon LebDalmatian
and the elusive DinoLebda (very hard to find but I managed to get a picture)

Although Brett wasn't the best player on the Red Wings, He will be missed (at least in some capacity).

Now I believe we should take the rest of the summer to figure out who will be the next "Red Wing Brunt of all Jokes"

Monday, July 5, 2010

Goodbye to the Greatest NHL Fighter

Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you I have been changed for good

Bob Probert was a character in stories of hockey's good ole' days. A fearless fighter who accepted any challenge to a fight, dropped the gloves at a moments notice, and pummeled opponents into submission. He will be remembered the most as one of the greatest players to ever drop the gloves.

Through the trials and tribulations of Bob Probert's life, most of us wanted to see him succeed. Not just succeed in hockey, but succeed in life.

Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Probert Family in this their time of mourning.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Equal Rights To The Hall

Who are Angela James and Cammi Granato and what are they doing in the Hall of Fame?

Lindros, Mogilny, and Bure are all more worthy than those two.

I'm sorry but the Hall of Fame should be mainly what you did for hockey in general, and hockey in general is predominately a MEN'S game. Most people don't even know who these two are.

They deserve recognition, but not HHOF recognition.

So then have a Women's Hockey Hall of Fame if women's hockey is it's own separate sport.

To take them over Bure, Gilmour, Nieuwendyk, Andreychuk,Oates, hell, even Lindros, is ridiculous.

I have no problem with women in the Hall, but make it a separate category, like the builders.

How long before we run out of "great women" and Mrs Howe gets in?

I have never gotten this fired up reading a message board before. Throw your equal rights out ladies, We’re going back to when we’re only wanted in the kitchen apparently. I understand that there are players that didn’t make the cut this year that some people feel should have. But that’s quite a bold statement to say that not only should Women’s Hockey Players not be treated as equals on the ice, they shouldn’t be treated as equals in the hall either.

What do you call a woman playing hockey? A HOCKEY PLAYER. So to say that they should be moved into their own category, segregated if you will, is totally jank. "But... But... But... Hockey is a Men’s game and.... No girls play it... Ever" Fat chance people. I’ve seen some women play that are better than some NHL/AHL players and if they were men they would have their place on a team without a doubt.

It is called the Hockey Hall of Fame. Contrary to popular belief it’s not called the “Only NHL, No Girls Allowed, Only People We Want To See In There-Hall Of Fame”. Angela James and Cammi Granato have contributed to the SPORT of HOCKEY. No, they didn't contribute the NHL. But then again, Women aren't exactly welcomed into the NHL with open arms. They must be worried that we might break a nail or must our hair or something.

“Yes, Women and Women in Hockey belong in the Hall… BUT not before this guy, that guy, and the other guy”. When exactly SHOULD women have been allowed in the HHOF? A new "great" player retires every year. Thus, every year there is a "great" player eligible to go into the hall. If the Hall of Fame selection committee had followed the "better than the ladies" concept, Cammi and Angela might have gone in with the 2027 Hall of Fame Class. Oh wait, Crosby might be in that class... So that would have been a no go as well.

Cammi Granato earned 20 gold or silver medals playing hockey representing the United States in her 15 year career. She along with Geraldine Heaney and Angela James were inducted as the first women in the International Ice Hockey Hall of Fame. Granato also became the first women inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame in 2009. She is the only women to have won Lester Patrick Trophy individually as well as with the 1998 U.S. Women's Hockey Team. Angela James has earned seven gold medals representing Canada in Ice Hockey and an additional two medals (gold and silver) in Roller Hockey. She is a member of the International Ice Hockey Hall of Fame, the Black hockey and sports hall of fame, and the Canadian sports hall of fame. In 2009, the city of North York changed the name of the Flemingdon Arena to the Angela James Arena. Both players, though retired from their playing careers, remain advocates for the sport of hockey. These ladies are two of the most decorated female hockey players in the world. They deserved to be recognized for it.